Other People vs Me

Hi guys! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

This post includes fun drawings about other people vs me. Welcome to my first actual post 😀 Leave some future ideas on any topic below in the comments or feedback. Would love to hear from you! Thank you for your time.


A few in writing 🙂 :

After seeing something funny:

Other People: let out cute graceful little chuckle vs Me: let out a hysterical laugh and clap my hands with water coming out of my eyes and draw attention to myself.

After vacation:

Other people: come back with a beautiful tan and glow vs Me: gained 10 pounds

First time going to someone’s house:

Other people: What a beautiful house! I love the… vs Me: What is the WiFi password?

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Have an awesome New Year –Siri 🙂


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