Stages of Procrastination (no drawings)

Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome break from work or school. I wasn’t really able to draw for this post as I didn’t have too much time, but I still do want to post. So, here is a scenario for you to enjoy.

Stages of procrastination:

  1. No worries- have a lot of time
  2. Be lazy- still more than enough time to do it.
  3. Acting like you can’t or don’t have to do it
  4. Convincing yourself you can do it TONIGHT.
  5. TONIGHT: panic attack

Real life scenario:

  1. Winter break is coming to an end… so, how many days are there till spring break? (Spends 10 minutes counting)
  2. I’m ready to take on this year!! … 2 minutes later.. I can’t believe I have to go back to that place *sob*
  3. Wait… Did I forget do my homework? … checks canvas… didn’t study for the unit test even though I had 2 whole weeks to do so.
  4. Since, today’s my last day, I will finish studying by noon and relax.
  5. At noon: Got lost on YouTube and finished 0.000000000000001% of the syllabus.
  6. OK, let me just go eat lunch and study right when I come back.
  7. 1 PM: Let me just watch en episode of the Office to put me in the right mood.
  8. 1 season later: God!, its 3 PM, I really need to start studying. *Goes and gets a snack and hangs out on the couch for another season*
  9. I’ll start studying at 6 PM.
  10. 6PM: Pretend I don’t see its 6 yet.
  11. Starts studying 🙂 😀 😦 😦
  12. Takes a break every 10 minutes.
  13. Finished at 3 AM.

This is a really genuine problem. I have no idea what do about it. I opened my laptop to study for a test, but now I’ m writing a blog post… THANK YOU FOR READING!

Any ideas on how to avoid this? let me know in the comments below :D!

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