Winter Expectation vs Reality

Hi Guys! Sorry for the delay in posting. Here is an expectation vs reality about our winter struggles 😀 Enjoy!

Expectation: Snows on Monday. SNOW DAY!!!

Reality: Snows on Saturday. Trapped in house for the whole weekend. Snow melts by Monday *sob*

Expectation: 1-2 inches of snow at a time. Beautiful.

Reality: 0 inches of snow for the whole year or a foot of snow at once

Expectation: Fun activities like ice skating.

Reality: Netflix with a warm fuzzy blanket

Expectation: Eating warm tasty food

Reality: empty pantry. NOBODY wants to go shopping in the cold.

Expectation: Getting to sleep cozily in the warm sheets

Reality: Can’t get out of bed and late for school.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below if you’ve got a minute to spare!

Any future post ideas?


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