Weekends: Expectation vs Reality

Hey Guys! I’m writing this on a Saturday morning. This post is expectation vs reality on the weekends. Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment down below if you’ve got an extra minute. Enjoy!

I really should start reading for pleasure but… I’ll just watch the movie version.
I would rather do my laundry when I’m tired and worn out on Wednesday. Weekends are meant for rest!
I spend the whole week looking forward to the weekend. And spend the weekend worrying that its gonna be over soon. 😀
Expectation : Party and hang out with friends vs Reality: Couch Potato

Thank you! – Siri 🙂


  1. Hey Siri! Loved the post! So relatable! 😂 I just posted an announcement, and I’d love for you to check it out. It’s appreciated! ~Ashlyn

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  2. Hey Siri!! I have officially launched @itssimplyashlyn.com! Id love for you too check it out! Thanks. I have also deleted my WordPress site, so to keep up with my blog you’d have to go to my site. Thanks so much!


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