A few Corona Doodles

Hey guys,

I hope all of you are healthy and safe. Please make sure to take proper precautions, we need to stick together as a community through these tough times to protect ourselves and those at a higher risk. I don’t mean to make this situation seem unimportant/ not dangerous, but here are some light-hearted comics. My intention isn’t to offend anyone. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

Best gifts before corona quarantine
Best gifts during quarantine
Where’s my introvert squad at?
Okay guys, I actually struggled a lot to draw this one :D.
Conspiracy theory time…
Rapunzel practiced social distancing in a tower away from the village of Corona.

You guys might have already seen this one floating around the internet. So, Tangled is all about her being quarantined. Like us (BUT for 18 YEARS). From Corona (Which is the town she’s hidden from). Like us. A magical flower was taken by the guards for the queen to cure her (not enough of them for everyone). Like medicine/ tests. My *shocked pikachu face*

Be safe! Thanks for the visit πŸ™‚ – Siri



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